Friday, January 01, 2010


Another decade...poof.  I really don't understand how time can possibly go by this fast.  11 short years ago the world braced itself for "the end" when all calendars, clocks, and computers clicked inexorably towards 2  0  0  0.  I guess now we'll be bracing ourselves for the next "the end" - 12/21/2012.  (Honestly, if that's really it, I hope I go like Woody Harrelson!)

So how many of us partied like it's 1999 last night?  Those times are over for me, and now I prefer to be in bed long before the new year hits this side of the world.  After a long, long, LONG day of travel back from the East coast, I decided to spend the evening with Sister and BIL.  First I took a nap - I love me my naps - then we had an incredible dinner of French onion soup, potatoes gratin, steak with blue cheese compound butter; and finally two desserts, cheddar and pear galette AND chocolate bread pudding.  Yes, all of it as orgasmic as it sounds.  We then watched "Up," the Disney/Pixar movie.  I really enjoy these movies - although I usually end up watching them at someone else's suggestion - and this one was no different.  However, it is sad in parts and quite deep and multi-layered in its messages...  And I prefer my NYEs to be a lot more...well...meaning-less.  I did manage to make it to bed before the ball dropped (thank goodness!) and slept almost 12 hours!  I feel just about human again.

So now I'm home, and after throwing out the old food from the fridge that I meant to throw out two weeks ago (eww!), dumping cleaning stuff in the pool and getting rid of the leaves, and murdering yet another (and innocent I might add) fire/smoke alarm, I have nothing left to do but procrastinate getting to the to do list.  First thing to ignore?  Actually creating the list.  It's going to be a long one, unfortunately.  And now I have to fix the hole in the ceiling that used to be an innocent alarm.  Sigh.

Only 5 days until school starts, only 3 until I need to go in and deal with the classroom, report cards, planning, yaddah yaddah yaddah.  I wonder if all teachers measure time as between this planning session and that report card due date?  I wonder how many people did believe 2000 was "the end?"  How many believe 12/21/2012 will be?  And I wonder how many believe, as I do, that it's practically 2011?  Seriously folks, don't blink.  It'll pass THAT fast... poof.


velvet brick said...

Oh my friend.....I can say that I know how you feel about your sweet pup girl....your words about 'when' mirrored mine with Ross....thank you for your sweet words...

I hope you sleep in late and enjoy a lazy day tomorrow...our last day of vacay! YIKES! I'll catch you on Wednesday, dear friend! : )

Colleen said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I am sure you will be back into the swing of things in no time!!