Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I started a new Thanksgiving tradition; blessed blessed silence and spending it sola.  I went to Boston Market, got the fixin's; and I went to Frys and got the roasted chicken.  I enjoyed every moment.  So I planned to do exactly the same this year.  This morning, after snuggling with Bonnie a while, I went to Starbucks and had my first non-fat, grande, one-pump peppermint, with whip, mocha of the holiday season; and I went to Frys and now have a perfecly roasted, savory herb chicken keeping warm in the oven.  Ahhhhh.

But I made a tactical error last night.  I went shopping at the last minute to get some stuff I can't get at Frys and discovered what can only be described as a holiday miracle.  Perfectly peeled and cubed, ready to go sweet potatoes?  Ready to go chopped mix of onion, shallot and garlic??  Ready to go mirepoix?!?!?  OMG

Somewhere a bell must be ringing because I have ready to go mirepoix.  For those who don't know, mirepoix is French for the holy trinity of onions, carrots and celery.  Ready to go mirepoix is French for "the you-don't-have-to-peel-cry-chop-accidentally-cut-your-now-oniony-garlicky-stinky-fingers-ever-again holy trinity."  It's like the French have a word for everything.

I love the food network.  I watch all the shows.  I have lusted over the idea of a sous chef for years.  And now I have one.  I call him TJ.  And I have ready to go mirepoix.

So today, Boston Market can keep their fixins.  I'm making my own smashed sweet potatoes and herb dressing (yay Pepperidge Farm!) with READY-TO-GO-MIREPOIX-FOR-GOD'S-SAKE and chicken stock in a resealable container.  So fuhuhuhuhuhking what if I didn't roast the bird, dry out the bread, and peel and chop and cry and cut my finger and have to use cut up lemon on the stinky and love love love cranberries in a can (it has GOT to have the ridges and shape of the can or it's just no good!) or dig innards out of a poultry's ass and brine and bake all of it myself?  It's homemade 'cause I'm making it at home and 'cause I said so.

Problem is, I don't feel like fuhuhuhuhuhking cooking now.  Sigh.

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