Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lessons from the Road

Make a plan, map it out, make reservations.  Be okay when none of it works out as expected.
You're gonna get lost.  It's okay.  You'll figure it out.
Take the scenic route every once in a while.
If you miss the exit, there's another one coming up.
Talk to people.  They may surprise you.  They will all enrich your life in one way or another.
Don't be afraid to go on an adventure by yourself.
Take your furry best friend with you everywhere.
Wear sweatpants when driving a long way; but still curl your hair and wear a little make up.
Fuck curling your hair and make up - just put it up, wipe it off, brush your teeth and go.
Stop in cities you've never been in before.  Look up something about them before you go.
Drive with the windows down.
Make sure to have the essentials handy:  water, tissue, toilet paper, cell, reading glasses, snacks and diet coke.
Enjoy the drive.  It may be a while until your next trip.

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